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Made from recycled materials including: venetian blinds; steel rods; wine barrels; aluminium; header blades; stainless steel benchtop.

'The Other Foot' ... 'Dry Suit For Shark' ... 'Euselachii - Ubermarine'
Illustrating the variety of relationships we have with this iconic shark, one of love, hate, fear, awe, intrigue, caution and fascination, 'The Other Foot,
puts this exquisitely and almost perfectly designed hunting machine into a terrestrial context, becoming the absolute antithesis of its aquatic counterpart and/or inspiration ... if the boot was on the other foot ...? Fashioned from recycled materials including Venetian blinds, steel rods, wine barrel hoops, header blades and the old stainless steel deli counter donated by the Darlington Bottle Shop.

The Other Foot

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