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Born in 1968 and raised in the Lake District, England. Austin traveled and worked extensively through Great Britain, North America, New Zealand and Africa (Zimbabwe) emigrating to settle in Perth, Western Australia in 1994. 

Wood carving and sheet metal plating, metal work, moulding and casting (clay, resin and metal) Laminating of composites, multi medium experimentation, oil painting, human form, sensual art, scrap and recycled material works, freedom of expression.​


Vince Austin has proudly Exhibited at Castaways, Rockingham, Darlington Arts Festival , Linton and Kaye, Redback Gallery

"Arbortech is a proud sponsor of Vince Austin. Buying a piece of his art is possibly one of the best investments anyone can make. Every art piece is not only visually beautiful, but Vince's clever insight; wonderment of nature; and incredible knowledge of technology is imbued in every aspect of his work. Vince Austin is without doubt one of the most talented, creative and spontaneous people I have had the good fortune to meet."

-  Kevin Inkster CEO


Inside the Steampunk Dalek
Castaways Exhibition
Creating Cat
At the WA Art Gallery
Sand Sculptures
Sand Sculptures
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