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Sand Sculptures
Sand Sculptures

"My current artistic urge embraces the ‘Steam Punk’ ethos; the exquisite marriage of brass, copper, leather and wood in the manifestation of Victorian Futurism!"

- Vince Austin

Born 1968, raised in the Lake District, England, traveled and worked extensively through Great Britain continuing travel through Europe, North America, New Zealand and Africa (Zimbabwe) finally emigrating to Australia in 1994 where Perth has remained my home.


Artist’s Statement

I have had an almost unquenchable lust for the creative portal of expression for as long as I can remember. Being a little like God himself (as are we all), I too have the insatiable creative compulsion.

Having also collaborated in the creation of a number of humans (2), like God, I am now addicted to the fundamentals of the creative process. Inspiration, conceptualise, postulate, nurture, nourish, refine, design, commit, manifest, joy!

Although my portfolio is somewhat smaller than God’s, I do feel ineffably connected to her in a truly cosmic and universal manner and, as such, find it hard declining the creative opportunities which present daily.(It is only fair at this juncture to point out that God is, as you know, considerably larger than myself, a humbling notion in which I take solace.)

Although none of my creations are self-replicating as is the case with the ‘big fella’ (it’s kind of his ‘signature move’), my works are utterly singular, unique by design and evolve in a fashion that could almost be described as the antithesis of this divine format…. Because…well, they’re non self-replicating and… er…you know it’s….can you see where I’m going with this?....... anyway……

Art is an indulgence

To create art is an indulgence with benefits

My current artistic urge embraces the ethos of ‘Steam Punk’; the exquisite marriage of brass, copper, leather and wood in the manifestation of Victorian Futurism!

I have been exploring this recipe for around 10 years now and draw on a variety of skills including metal work, wood work and innovative fixing/joining techniques.

I am overwhelmed by the notion that my creative works can be considered as the only one of its precise nature existing in the known universe, even God itself, although simultaneously amorphous, is only creating the very same item by proxy!...(that’s me….)

There are absolute minimums in standards, finishing, quality and longevity.

I choose to aim for the maximum within my reach, a subtle balance of time, resource and enthusiasm, for this opportunity and privilege I am holistically grateful.

Selling work is an emotional moment eased only by time………or the joy of unspoken reassurance from a worthy and joy filled new custodian/recipient/owner/guardian.


I’m not really one for ‘slap-dash’ or ‘cash-in’ fad manufacturing. I find it is here, at this point, that ‘art’ is hurled over that fine line into the dark realms, the ephemeral waste lands of mass production. I do like to take the required time, as decadent and hedonistically compelled as I am, and not without warrant, 15 years of props and sets for film, television and the advertising game, although filled with all the fun of the frantic and the frivolous, has also nurtured within me a degree of irritation to the pressures of deadlines which can squeeze the creative process at the cost of elegance, finesse, detail and the exquisite. Such ‘lines’ have their place…. occasionally

Building ones soul within the constraints of any number of dimensions is scuttling, the cruellest of all said leashes being ‘time’.

My work is a gift to you, what is paid for is that chunk of my life, time…. passion in my primordial compulsion to manifest that which you now covet…. (wow! that’s so dramatic! sorry)

Finally (part 2) after being proof read by a close friend and in acknowledgement of his profound exclaim “what are you doing? You’ve hardly mentioned ‘The Lord of the Rings’…. People love that stuff! Seriously !” ..........I’ll mention my involvement in the props department as a props maker.

I worked with the team at ‘Three Foot Six’ in Wellington for around 6 months during which time I was involved in creating some great props, some of the notably higher profile builds included the horn blown by the orcs to close the gates of Mordor (I made that functional too!), jewel encrusted goblets for Théoden’s Keep and the pommels and cantles for the Rohan saddles.

This is probably already too long in terms of what is considered an appropriate length for an ‘artist statement’, but it was only after much rigorous editing and refinement that I was able to galvanise and subsequently coalesce this authentic abridged synopsis of my Artistic direction.


Thanks for reading,

I hope you leave with something special from your first ‘Vince Austin’ experience.

Mediums and processes

Wood carving and sheet metal plating, metal work, moulding and casting (clay, resin and metal) Laminating of composites, multi medium experimentation, oil painting, human form, sensual art, scrap and recycled material works, freedom of expression.

Some of the interesting formative stuff that shaped who I am.

A chronology……

  • No1. School of Technical Training RAF Halton, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. Airframes propulsion Apprentice. The Air force was, however, not really my cup of tea.

  • BA in Design (Product Design) Curtin University, Western Australia

Informal study

  • Pipers International Models – Architectural model maker and the beginning of experimentation with sculptural form, London UK

  • Props maker, set builder, model maker for film, television, theatre and the advertising industry, Perth WA

  • Props maker, set builder, model maker Staging Connections Perth.

  • Self employed ‘mercenary to the call’ props, models, sets and custom fabrication for clients including Scitech and numerous advertising agents.

  • Props maker, Lord of the Rings, Wellington New Zealand.

  • Props maker, set builder Dark Knight- Palana Productions Wellington, New Zealand. Other production during this period included ‘The Irrefutable Truth About Demons’ (set construction)

  • Scitech - subcontracted to build stand alone exhibits.

  • West Australian Maritime Museum, Exhibition design installation team.

  • Curator of ‘Jetsam’ Art exhibition at the West Australian Maritime Museum

  • Product design and prototyping Bubblemania Walliston, WA

  • Entertainer (bubble-ologist) Bubblemaina, Walliston.WA.

  • Lecturing at Curtin University WA, in animatronics and model making.

  • Tutoring ‘Solidworks’ 3D design software

  • Product designer for Mobilert Pty. Perth. 3D computer modelling.

  • Various exhibitions, freelance commissions and projects including opening the ‘Red Back Gallery’ in Glen Forrest for 6 months (2015)


… the bits in between

I have written and performed original music since 1986, performing in Cumbria and London (UK), Banff and Vancouver (Canada), France, New Zealand and Australia in addition to this I have recorded three albums.

Also appeared in two plays at the Garrick Theatre in Guildford, ‘Charley’s Aunt’ and ‘Night was our friend’... exceptional fun!


  • Arbortech sponsored artist

  • Recent exposure in the West Australian 

  • Exhibited frequently at Castaways Exhibition in Rockingham

  • Exhibited at the Darlington Arts Festival for several years, in recent years being an invited artist for the Art of Wood Exposé

  • Installed works on the Mundaring Trek The Trail Project

  • Built the Interactive Drum Tree for the Southbound Music Festival, 2009

  • Built the entire stage set for ‘Taking Liberty’, Perth Theatre Company

  • Entire stage set for ‘Glorious’ at the Greenwich Bar, His Majesty’s Theatre

  • Designed, built and installed the periscope in the wetlands area outside the West Australian Art Gallery, Perth (through the MRA and Josh Byrne)

  • Solo exhibition of works at the Darlington Hall, 2010

  • Received a commendation from the Design Institute of Australia for outstanding contributions in design for the ‘Vaustin Guitar Project’ 2005


"Arbortech is a proud sponsor of Vince Austin. Buying a piece of his art is possibly one of the best investments anyone can make. Every art piece is not only visually beautiful, but Vince's clever insight; wonderment of nature; and incredible knowledge of technology is imbued in every aspect of his work. Vince Austin is without doubt one of the most talented, creative and spontaneous people I have had the good fortune to meet."

-  Kevin Inkster CEO

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